Things Fans Do to Support Their Favorite Rugby Union Teams


Aside from sporting Singapore rugby balls tops that seem like the union teams that they support, many rugby fans do weird things to express themselves. But, often supporters do ridiculous things that appear unreasonable or downright silly, particularly in the eyes of non-sport fans. Below are a few of the ways that rugby enthusiasts are eager to do simply to show their commitment and undying loyalty to their much loved Rugby Union teams.

Seeing rugby jerseys in the wardrobe of the sports enthusiast is nothing new. In fact, lots of people buy jersey reproductions of their favorite teams so they can wear it in a club or on the ground while watching a match. But, some supporters go to the level of filling their domiciles with souvenir items and paraphernalia of their Rugby Union team. Some even get bed-sheets, towels, pillowcases, clocks, cards, boxer shorts, pens and even carpets adorned using their favorite Rugby Union team logo. There is really nothing wrong to find the place of an extreme rugby lover below the age of 18 is filled up with memorabilia and other items of his favorite team. However for an individual who is 40 years of age and above, having a roomful of his beloved team's souvenirs (including covers, bed-sheets, and whoopee cushion) can be quite scary.

Sports enthusiasts, including Singapore rugby boots fans, really know how to enjoy themselves. Aside from painting their faces with the colors of their much adored teams, you will also see them waving flags and sporting rugby shirts. But often, there are rugby fans that are willing to fight with other fans supporting their rival teams, particularly after a match. Getting a tattoo honoring your chosen rugby team is acceptable, but fighting with somebody who is a supporter of a team can be considered a bit too much.

Several rugby enthusiasts party after the success of their favorite team. You may probably experience wild parties in most sports bar inside your area after a big rugby game. But, recently, a lover of Wales Rugby team has done something crazy to commemorate the victory of his favorite team. Well, he chose to mutilate himself as a display of support. As yet, that fan cannot really explain why he did something so outrageous. This is not something which you should follow, if you are a rugby fan. Instead, it could be better if you just adhere to getting and wearing rugby shirts as a symbol of support.